April 20, 2016

Review - Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance.

Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance  

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Qrixkuor was formed in 2011 but it was 2014 before their first demo, “Consecration of the Temple” which was followed at the end of 2015 by their Rehearsal 09/15 demo. Consecration of the Temple sold out four cassette pressings with the rehearsal demo selling just as quickly, also currently sold out which is testimony to the talent and potential of this band from the start. Qrixkuor will keep this momentum going with the release of their highest profile music yet; their Three Devils Dance EP which is set to be released by Dublin’s Invictus Productions on CD at the end of April.
The impressive artwork for the EP is the creation of Nekronikon whose previous work has featured on releases from the likes of Cruciamentum, Unaussprechlichen Kulten and Demonomancy - SahSahhu and IV assisted with the layout for Qrixkuor.

Three Devils Dance is classed as an EP by band and label although it’s three tracks span a total of thirty seven minutes with the beauty being there’s both quantity and quality. Opening track, “Serpent’s Mirror” lasts over fourteen minutes so Qrixkuor can well afford the luxury of setting the scene with a slow, two minute introduction at the start of this track. Today many bands opt to use movie quotes, samples etc., as track intros which I don’t have a problem with but at the same time it’s refreshing to see a band write everything themselves -  Qrixkuor’s response when I enquired about the intro was “The intro, interludes and outro are all original and recorded/arranged by the band and accomplices.” With the scene well and truly set it’s down to business as Qrixkuor present us with some of the best death metal you’ll hear this or any year. This enhanced audibility also helps you appreciate just how good Qrixkuor are as musicians - this is never just about noise, even during the heaviest parts there’s so much going on in the background, showing Qrixkuor’s attention to detail as exemplary with plenty of intricate guitar solos throughout to further prove this point.

There’s also an abundance of some serious riffs which are as plentiful as they are unpredictable. Regularly shifting dynamics also contribute to this unpredictability which in turn lends itself well to the longer track duration, keeping things varied and never tired or repetitive. As stated, what you have is thirty seven minutes featuring some of the best death metal you’re likely to hear this or any year – a bold statement, yes but don’t take just my word for it. VK was also very quick to compliment Qrixkuor when he told me “Well they certainly recorded brilliantly to start with and knew what they wanted….great release….seriously brilliant songwriting.” A stunning, yet deserved, compliment from one of the underground’s most respected and prolific musicians/producers – you can’t have a higher, or better, recommendation than his. 

Qrixkuor, take a bow - with Three Devils Dance you’ve delivered a contender for EP of the year that is also without doubt a future classic. 

A very easy 10/10.


01 – Serpent’s Mirror
02 – Crypt of Illusions Bane
03 – The Divine Architect.

Three Devils Dance by Qrixkuor is currently available for pre-order via the Invictus Productions web shop and also via their Bandcamp page.

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