May 29, 2016

Review - Front - Iron Overkill

Front - Iron Overkill

Review by Trevor Proctor.

This June Iron Bonehead Productions is set to unleash the highly anticipated debut album from Finnish band Front. The band formed during 2015 and was quick to release their debut demo which was simply titled “Demo 2015,” also released by Iron Bonehead Productions. The demo features three tracks across a mere twelve minutes and is a quality slab of devastating violence which generated the band some deserved attention within the underground. Front will keep this momentum going at the end of June when they are set to release their first full length album, “Iron Overkill.”
Whilst Front is a relative newcomer to most of us its three members are firmly entrenched in Finland’s underground and have experience with bands such as Sacrilegious Impalement, Evil Angel, Perdition Winds, Neutron Hammer, and Sepulchral Temple, among others. Front’s legion consists of Revenant on drums and vocals, Von Bastard performing guitar/bass and vocals and Kaosbringer as lead vocalist. Front’s description of their music is a “Soundtrack for the burning world” and they cite bands such as Bestial Warlust, Marduk and Motörhead as influences.

Front is well and truly committed to the founding war metal ethos established by the likes of one of their influences, Bestial Warlust, and set about delivering it in their own blackened death / thrash style. Their attack is full on from the first track as they fire salvo after salvo of filthy, war themed degradation at us. Track titles such as Defiance, Heathen Resistance and Wargods Unbound along with war themed effects and intros set the tone for Front’s assault. Dive bombing planes, machine gun fire and all manner of war snippets lace their music combined with riff after quality riff with fantastic effect. However, despite the full on nature of their music it still happens to be an extremely catchy listen and Front occasionally shift the gears of their war machine downwards from full on barrage into some moments of sheer head banging bliss, moments that would make their heroes Motörhead sit up and take notice. Front’s music is never just about noise as there are also plenty of excellent guitar solos to be heard throughout the album – those featured during Wargods Unbound just being a few of many examples.

There’s no messing about here as Front don’t waste a single second during their eight track attack – efficiently destructive Front take no prisoners as they batter their way through eight tracks of the most destructive yet catchiest music you’ll have heard recently in thirty six minutes - Thrash and War Metal fans alike will lap this up. Iron Bonehead Productions have been kind enough to supply the track “Kypck” to include with reviews, and it’s featured below so give it a well-deserved listen and check yourself for a pulse if this doesn’t get the head banging.

I’ve already ordered a physical copy of their demo from Iron Bonehead Productions and will also snap this up on its release – now adjust your bullet belt and gas mask and enter the fray with Front – you’re in for a punishing yet very rewarding listen. 

Outstanding 9.5/10.


01 – Defiance
02 – Legion Front
03 – I am Death
04 – Wargods Unbound
05 – Kypck
06 – Tribunal of Terror
07 – Cold Gravel Grave
08 – Heathen Resistance.

Front's 2015 Demo is still available from Iron Bonehead Productions though if you're after a copy I suggest you move quickly as they'll soon disappear once news spreads further as to how good they are. 
Iron Overkill will be available from Iron Bonehead Productions from the end of June.

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