December 5, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Suffering in Solitude: A Place Apart'

Suffering in Solitude – A Place Apart (2013)

Domestic Genocide Records

Review by Jude Felton

If there’s anyone out there that would like to send me a complete and detailed list of all the sub-genres within “Metal”, I’d be eternally grateful. On a serious note, I believe there are only two sub-genres, and that is good and bad; although I suppose you could add mind-numbingly average into the fold. Suffering in Solitudes debut album, released on Domestic Genocide Records, falls firmly into the good category.

If you want to get really picky, and I know us metal-types are, then you could say that Suffering in Solitude are Post Black Metal; with plenty of Depressive and Atmospheric BM thrown in on an experimental twist. Sometimes the categories, in which we try and describe the music, hinder as much as help. Sure, they give you a broad ballpark in which to play, but so often they will give you a preconceived notion of how a band is “supposed” to sound.

Suffering in Solitude is the brainchild of one Christopher A, who has over the past couple of year expanded the band from a solo project to a full band, and the results are quite sublime. Fans of Deafheaven, Ov Hollowness and Vattnet Viskar are going to enjoy this six song outing; one that’s as beautiful as it is abrasive.

It’s a short(ish) album, at around 28 minutes, but it’s one that is definitely best digested as a whole, rather than in small doses. The songs cascade through the speakers, from the opening Inside Out, which is a soothing 5 ½ minutes, through to the closing of Sunken, Placed Apart, which both bookend the album perfectly. In between these two, the songs ebb and flow as the band create a truly magnificent soundscape.

Although not strictly an instrumental album, there are large sections that do play without the need for vocal accompaniment. However, when Christopher A does unleash his vocals, it’s of the totally anguished variety; which of course helps convey the desolation within the beauty of this album. And it’s this beauty that is an overriding feeling throughout the running time, even when the music conveys the opposite.

A Place Apart is due to hit the stores on December 31st and I can tell you that this album is a perfect way to see in the New Year. Black Metal purists may well run off and burn a church in anger, rather than listen to this, but for everyone else I can tell you that this is a quite wonderful album; absolutely terrific.


1. Inside Out
2. Entrance
3. Exit (Time Lost)
4. Suffering in Solitude
5. Distance (Instrumental) 2
6. Sunken, Placed Apart

A Place Apart in released by Domestic Genocide Records on December 31st.

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