December 1, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Immortal Bird: Akrasia'

Immortal Bird – Akrasia (2013)

Closed Casket Recordings

Review by Jude Felton

We are all obsessed with quite where a band “should” fall in terms of genre, whether we admit it or not. It can be a help, and it can all be quite the hindrance, with bands crossing borders between this, that and the other. The open-minded rejoice, whilst the purists plot world domination from behind their keyboards, although at the end of the day all that really matters is whether the tunes are any good. Right?

Well, Chicago’s Immortal Bird have nailed it perfectly, playing Christfucking Indie Metal, and over the course of the four tracks on display here, they rip gaping wounds into the side of the crucified.

Pseudo Christian-baiting aside, Immortal Bird take their cues from a variety of musical styles, from black metal, thrash, death and doom, but even then find room for some really chilled sections. In twenty minutes they throw it all into the pot and come out with a vitriolic concoction that sits incredibly well with this listener.

The vocals are spewed forth with such ferocity and bitter intent from Rae Amitay, who also handles the drumming, that you’ll be convinced that her words are coated with rusty razorblades. Saying that, if you just threw on this CD without paying any attention you’d be none-the-wiser; Rae has bigger balls than many of her male counterparts. I’d be remiss though if I didn’t mention the dual guitar/bass assault from Evan Berry and John Picillo, as they cut a phenomenal sound that ranges from balls-out sonic riffage that bobs and weaves throughout the four tunes.

Then, before you know it, they take it down a notch or two for some incredibly mellow moments. Granted, the majority of Akrasia is filled with spite, venom and a penchant for speed, but it is these mellower moments that help to add depth to an already impressive outing.

As a release Akrasia is damned good, a fact that is even more impressive when you take into account that it is Immortal Bird’s debut release. It’s an EP to cleanse the demons through extreme anger, and boy it does the job exceptionally well. 


1. Spitting Teeth
2. Ashen Scabland
3. Akratic Seminar
4. The Pseudoscientist

Akrasia is released on December 3rd by Closed Casket Recordings and can be purchased here.

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