May 4, 2013

'Society' UK screening with Brian Yuzna Q&A

If I posted about every individual screening of a horror movie, I'd never leave the damned computer. However, this is an especially cool one, in my opinion, and definitely one that those on the south coast of England should be queuing up to see. On May 23rd Cine Excess International Film Festival and the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Arts are presenting a remastered screening of Brian Yuzna's Society. Yuzna himself will be in attendence.. Too damned cool! More details below.




The Cine Excess International Film Festival and the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Arts are delighted to welcome myth-making director/producer Brian Yuzna to the region, where he will present a special screening of his cult film classic Society, as well as to give a career talk to film students studying at the University’s Hastings Campus the following day. He will be interviewed on stage by Cine Excess Director, Dr. Xavier Mendik, Lecturer in film studies at University of Brighton and author of BFI’s 100 Cult Films.

Society (1989) is a deliciously dark satire on the darker underbelly of modern life. Billy (Billy Warlock) is feels he’s different to the rest of his family. They seem to relish an upper class life of social parties whilst he prefers to be more down-to-earth. His suspicions extend to his own girlfriend but when David (Tim Bartell) his sister’s boyfriend, dies mysteriously after showing him a tape, he returns home to find a bizarre party in full swing which reveals the true horrors of his upbringing, a heritage he’s now expected to embrace.

Brian Yuzna has been producing cult exploitation films for quarter of a century in the spirit of Roger Corman. His directorial debut Society (1989) mixed horror and satire, and his passion for HP Lovecraft led to him also making Re-Animator (1985), From Beyond (1986), Re-Animator 2 (1989) and Necromicon (1993). He also co-produced and co-wrote the Disney hit comedy Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1990), as well as working with Christophe Gans on the manga inspired Crying Freeman (1995). Having later set up The Fantastic Factory production company in Spain, Yuzna went onto produce a series of small budget fantasy
titles such as Arachnid (2001), Dagon (2001), Darkness (2002) Beyond Re-Animator (2003) and The Nun (2005), before returning to directing with Amphibious 3-D (2010).

Brian Yuzna’s visit is one of a number of new initiatives linked to the recent relocation of the Cine-Excess festival to the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Arts. These also include the launch of the new industry meets academia Cine-Excess E-Journal, which is released is May 2013, and a new Digital Film BA (Hons) degree which is currently enrolling for September 2013.

Tickets are available from Duke’s at Komedia box office tel: 0871 902 5728 or online

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