April 29, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Eye of Solitude: Sui Caedere'

Eye of Solitude – Sui Caedere (2012)

Kaotoxin Records

Review by Jude Felton

It has to be said that whilst I do like music that speeds along like a runaway freight train, I am also partial to the slower, doomier side of things. There’s just something about the power and atmosphere that is created, when done well of course. Eye of Solitude are one such band that deliver what some may well call funeral doom, but what they really deliver, with Sui Caedere, is a truly wonderful and unforgiving album.

The crows that beckon in the opening track, entitled coincidentally Awoken by Crows, sets the tone for this 70 plus minute album. Riffs that flatten you, haunting lead work and guttural vocals are the order of the day here, although there is much more going on, and it’ll take a few listens to really digest the power of Sui Caedere.

Even though the majority of the album moves at a snail’s pace, aside from the occasional blasts on the bass drums, there is no chance of losing interest. It’s the type of music that sweeps you away, rich with emotion; it’s an album that haunts the listener and gets inside your head.

Sui Caedere is a punishingly heavy album that does not give any respite throughout its lengthy running time. This may be an issue to some folk, as it is a long album, but not to me. It hits all the right spots with me, and given a little patience it really does deliver, on all levels.

Heavy, atmospheric, haunting and soul-destroying, Sui Caedere is an album that will be getting plenty more playing time from me. The only thing that pisses me off is that I waited so long to check out this UK band’s music. Terrific stuff.

Track List:

1. Awoken by Crows 
2. The Haunting 
3. Strigoi 
4. A Note to Say Farewell 
5. Depths of a Sick Mind 
6. Those Who Don't Return 
7. Performed in Graphic Pain 
8. Totem of a Pagan Thought
9. Yet I Breathe 
10. Departure 

Sui Caedere is released by Kaotoxin Records and is available now.

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