December 21, 2012

Filthy Music Review - 'Degial: Death's Striking Wings'

Degial – Death’s Striking Wings (2012)

Sepulchral Voice

Review by Jude Felton

Sweden’s Degial are a band from Sweden who have been around since 2004, yet this is their first full length album. They have previously released a demo, in 2006, and the EP Death and Darkness Buries All.. in 2010, both of which I have not heard. Death’s Striking Wings though is a hell of an introduction though to their music.

This is Death Metal in the vein of classic Morbid Angel, with some Black Metal styling’s thrown in for good measure. It’s a sonic assault that hits you straight from the opening track, Eye of Burial Tempest, and never lets up. By the time we get to the third track, Swarming, Degial are in full flow; razor sharp guitars, hellacious drumming and vocals that Satan himself would run screaming from, are all the order of the day here.

Swarming is followed by Chaos Chant, and then it is into the epic title track, and all its 7 ½ minute glory. Truthfully though, there are no weak spots on Death’s Striking Wings. This is old school evil Death Metal given a modern overhaul. You’ll hear nods to the aforementioned Morbid Angel, as well as early Slayer and Death, yet the album sounds fresh and original, and absolutely bone-crushing in its execution.

This is an evil album with a totally oppressive feel to it; in other words it is quite fantastic. Combining full-on speeding assaults with some heavy as hell slower sections, Death’s Striking Wings is the Death metal album you have been waiting for. There’s most certainly something brewing in Uppsala, Sweden, and it’s not pretty. Prepare yourself for a journey into the darkest realms of musical brutality.

1. Eye of Burial Tempest 03:52
2. Serpent's Tide 03:30
3. Swarming 03:37
4. Chaos Chant 03:58
5. Death's Striking Wings 07:34
6. Temple in Whirling Darkness 04:19
7. Perpetual Fire 02:54
8. Black Grave (The Gateway) 05:41

Death's Striking Wings is available now and is released by Sepulchral Voice.

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