December 20, 2012

DVD News - 'Above the Street, Below the Water'

Without a doubt the Scandinavians are putting out some of the most interesting and exciting movies and TV of late. On January 21st Arrow Films will be releasing Above the Street, Below the Water to DVD and Digital; a film which stars some of the cast from such shows as The Killing and The Bridge.

Ask is married to Anne, and they have everything you could ever want - good careers, lovely children, an apartment in a fashionable area of Denmark, and each other.
Everything appears to be just as it should in a modern family faced with juggling work schedules, child rearing, and, not least of all, love... Until one morning, Ask tells Anne that he wants to take a break.
It's a choice that will affect every part of their lives and everybody around them. Above The Street Below The Water is a film about the adult generation of today. A generation for whom everything is possible and only the imagination sets the limits for what you can desire.

Following the unbridled success of their Scandinavian television box set releases, Arrow Films  are pleased to announce that Above The Street Below The Water, a feature length film starring some of Denmark's most high profile acting talent, will be available in the UK for the very first time via a DVD and Digital Download release on Monday 21st January 2013.
Above The Street Below The Water is the intriguing tale of a young family in an affluent area of Denmark, trying to overcome the problems life throws at them.

Starring Sidse Babett Knudsen (who plays the lead role of female prime minister Birgitte Nyborg Christensen in Borgen), Nicolas Bro (who plays Minister of Justice Thomas Buch inThe Killing II), Ellen Hillingsø (who plays Charlotte Söringer in The Bridge) and Anders W Berthelsen (who plays billionaire Robert Zeuthen in The Killing III), Above The Street Below The Water features some of the most recognisable faces from the nation's favourite foreign language dramas, here is the chance to catch them in their first ever UK feature film release.g new series The Protectors, and the follow-up to another of this 2012’s biggest shows, The Bridge Series 2.

The UK DVD release of Above The Street Below The Water coincides with the hugely anticipated second series of Borgen, which will air in BBC4's prestigious Saturday slot from January 5th. Borgen is the hit show featuring Sidse Babett Knudsen as Denmark's first female Prime Minister. Such was the impact of Borgen’s critically acclaimed first series following its debut in early 2012, the show is regularly referred to in UK parliament and often used as an example when discussing world and EU Politics.
The first series of Borgen is available now on DVD & Blu-ray from Arrow Films’ Nordic Noir label, a box set of Borgen Series 2 will be released in early February.

The UK’s love of Scandinavian subtitled drama is now stronger than ever before, with the third and final series of The Killing proving to be its most popular ever.
Rather than mourn the loss of one of Nordic Noir’s leading lights, 2013 promises to be a vintage year for the UK's fast increasing number of Nordic Noir fans. Alongside the news ofBorgen 2, and Above The Street Below The Water’s UK release on January 21st, Arrow will release the classic early-2000s Scandi-crime drama Unit One (also January 21st), a gripping new series The Protectors, and the follow-up to another of this 2012’s biggest shows, The Bridge Series 2.

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