September 25, 2012

Q&A with The Victim's Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc

The Victim, directed by Michael Biehn and starring Jennifer Blanc, Danielle Harris and Biehn himself, has just hit UK stores, as well as being currently available in the US, on both Blu-ray and DVD. So, I am very happy to say that both Michael and Jennifer took some time out to answer a few questions I shot their way.

Thank you both for taking time out to answer these questions!

LoF: The Victim hits Blu-ray and DVD, in both the UK and US, this month. Congratulations! This must be an extremely proud time for you both, and an exciting time now that fans get to see the movie?

Michael: Yes we are very excited and a little bit tired...

LoF: Michael, The Victim is your first time behind the camera directing on your own. You also wrote the screenplay and act in the film; were you nervous as a director? And how did you find it balancing the acting and directing?

Michael: I didn’t have time to be nervous. Acting and directing for me is like one. As a director you know the character so well so it’s pretty much one entity!

LoF: What are the origins of The Victim, and when did you first decide that you wanted to make it?

Michael: I was introduced to the grindhouse movie genre by Robert Rodriguez and a year or two later I thought it might be fun to do one of those camp genre movies... and then the cheques cleared.

LoF: Jennifer, once again you star alongside Michael, as you did in The Divide, how was it working with him as director, rather than purely acting?

Jennifer: Well I have acted with Michael in The Divide and also a few others and have always trusted his advice. He is a truth meter...

LoF: Your co-star in The Victim is Danielle Harris. You also star in her directorial debut Among Friends. How was that experience? And what can you tell us about that film?

Jennifer: Yes, Danielle Harris is a very close friend and she is awesome in The Victim and I play a pretty cold hearted character in Among Friends. Melanie is cool though! I also produced; separate from Danielle’s Among Friends with Athena Lobit and Alyssa Lobit and Three Little Birds Productions which is making its premiere at Lund and SITGES. It was a blast!

LoF: Back to The Victim, for both of you, what were the most difficult aspects whilst shooting the film?

Jennifer: Lol, the time...we were limited.
Michael: No time and no money.

LoF: Are there any elements of the film that didn’t turn out as planned? Or is what we see as you originally envisaged it?

Michael: I didn’t realise it was going to be so fun.

LoF: Although you have both starred in movies from many different genres, it seems that horror and thrillers would appear to be favorites of yours, movies such as The Terminator, Bereavement, The Divide, Planet Terror and Among Friends, to name a but a few. What is the appeal to the two of you of the darker side of cinema?

Michael: The only horror movie for me is Bereavement. I don’t consider The Terminator as a horror movie. I don’t generally get scared by horror movies, except perhaps The Exorcist which I think is the greatest horror movie ever made.

LoF: If I saw The Victim for sale in a store, and knew nothing about it, how would you both sell it to me?

Jennifer: Tits. Ass. Torture. Serial Killers. Sex... and Michael Biehn.

LoF: Finally, what does the future hold for both of you? More directing, Michael? Any plans to direct, Jennifer?

Jennifer: We have Hidden in the Woods with Patricio Valledares coming up and The Farm with Xavier Gens. I am also super excited to be coming out in Quentin Dupieux’s  Wrong Cops as Ruth. I am also in Black Butterflies with Brad Dourif and I may want to try my hand at directing... we will see.

Michael: I am starting an MMA film called Tapped – acting in it and also I may direct again, Not in the near future though!

The Victim UK Blu can be ordered here, and the DVD here. For US fans, you can pick up the Blu-ray and DVD at the below links. The Victim is released by Anchor Bay, on both sides of the Atlantic.

All still photos are courtesy of Peter Kinerko.

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