September 24, 2012

'Men Behaving Badly 20th Anniversary: The Complete Collection' coming to UK DVD

Damn! It's been 20 years already? Back when I lived in the UK, the comedy show Men Behaving Badly was without a doubt one of my favorite shows. Quite simply, it was funny as hell. Now, to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the show, Freemantle Media Enterprises will be releasing an 8 disc collection on October 29th, which will feature over 20 hours of the show; every last episode!

Flatmates Gary and Tony are your typical “lads”, a pair of irresponsible, politically incorrect and seriously juvenile men who refuse to grown up and whose idea of heaven is sitting on the sofa, drinking lager, talking about women and putting the world to rights while watching Kylie Minogue videos on the TV. The one sobering influence in their lives is Dorothy, a sensible, sharp-witted nurse and Gary’s long-suffering girlfriend. But the dynamics between this trio of friends soon change when a gorgeous blonde moves into the flat upstairs and Tony falls desperately in lust.

Special Features

All six complete series of the show including the rarely-seen first series starring Harry Enfield.
The 1997 Christmas Special, “Jingle Balls”.
The Final Trilogy of feature-length specials, “Last Orders”.
The Comic Relief sketches from Red Nose Day 1997 and 1999, “Kylie” and “The Lost Pilot”.
A brand new BBC Radio 4 documentary on the show.
Outtakes, bloopers and more.

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