June 16, 2012

New UK release on Blu and DVD for 'The Night Porter'

Some good news for those of you in the UK, or for those with region-free players, and that is the release of the 1974 flick The Night Porter. Anchor Bay will be releasing the movie, which stars Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling, on both formats on July 30th.

Vienna, 1957. Max (Dirk Bogarde), a former Nazi concentration camp officer, is now employed as a respectable night porter at one of the city's most luxurious hotels. Still anguished by the guilt of his actions during the war, he attempts to relieve his conscience by devoting himself to his work while awaiting the upcoming trial of himself and his fellow Nazi officers. But one fateful evening Max's disturbing past catches up with him in the form of the beautiful and alluring Lucia (Charlotte Rampling). Now the wife of a respected American classical composer, almost 15 years earlier Lucia was a teenage concentration camp inmate and Max's lover in an aberrant sado-masochistic relationship. Bound by their memories and uncontrollably drawn to each other, Max and Lucia rekindle their bizarre love affair. But their future together becomes threatened by other ghosts from the past…

No word as yet on the Blku-ray extras, but the DVD will include

• Interview with Director Liliana Cavani
• Interview with Writer Italo Moscati
• Interview with Actress Charlotte Rampling

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