April 5, 2012

Yam Laranas' The Road - Creepy New Stills

The upcoming horror flick The Road, directed by Yam Laranas, is set for release on May 11th. Prior to that it will premiere in LA with none other than Manny Pacquiao as guest host. This is the first Filipino film to receive a mainstream U.S. release. You can check out some creepy new stills below!

THE ROAD tells the story of a twelve-year-old cold case that is reopened when three teenagers vanish while traversing an infamous and abandoned road. As investigators try to find leads to the whereabouts of the missing teens, they also unearth the road’s gruesome past that spans two decades – a history of abduction, crimes and murders.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice movie... hope it will go bigtime in the U.S.

Lord of Filth said...

Am hoping to get the chance to review it soon