April 4, 2012

War of the Dead hits the UK on DVD

Set to hit DVD in the UK on May 28th, from Momentum Pictures, is the zombie flick War of the Dead. Tagged as "Dog Soldiers meets Dead Snow" it pits Allied Soldiers against Nazi Zombies. Sounds like my cup of tea.

At the beginning of World War II in 1939, in a secret bunker near the border of Russia and Finland, the Nazis began “Anti-Death” experiments on captured Russian soldiers. Two years later the project was abandoned with all records destroyed on the orders of Adolf Hitler and the test subjects buried in mass graves nearby.
Soon after those events, an elite squad of US soldiers is teamed up with a Finnish task force and sent on a mission to seek out and destroy the bunker along with any inhabitants remaining there. Following an ambush en route to their target, during which the Allies lose a considerable number of men, to their shock and horror they later find themselves face-to-face with the same enemy soldiers they had eliminated in the earlier skirmish. The big problem this time around is the enemy is more fearless than before and much harder to kill. After all, they’re already dead.

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