April 1, 2012

The Divide - UK DVD release details

Director Xavier Gens apocalyptic thriller hits Blu-ray and DVD in the States on April 17th, and now I have news of the UK theatrical and DVD release. The film, which stars Michael Biehn, Lauren German, Rosanna Arquette and Milo Ventimiglia, hits UK theaters on April 20th with a DVD release to follow on May 14th from Momentum Pictures.

As an onslaught of nuclear missiles from an unknown assailant falls on New York City, a small group of tenants and the caretaker of an apartment building manage to find refuge in the building’s bunker-like basement. But as the days and nights slowly tick by, their sanctuary starts to resemble something more akin to a living hell. Adding further terror to the situation, the shelter is unexpectedly attacked by mysterious armed assailants wearing hazmat suits, their motives unknown but their merciless method of assault all too clear. This new threat forces the trapped victims to unite against a common enemy but it is a unity that proves to be short-lived.
With little chance of rescue and only unspeakable horrors and almost certain death awaiting them on the outside, the survivors slowly begin to descend into madness as food and water supplies dwindle, tensions flare and self-preservation becomes the only option. The ensuing power struggle leads to physical, psychological and sexual torment among the group as each member loses touch with his and her humanity. Despite this, one individual holds on to the hope of some form of salvation beyond the thick concrete walls of what may soon become nothing more than a tomb.

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