March 8, 2012

3 Deleted Scenes From The Upcoming Skull World Documentary

Director Justin McConnell's follow-up to his apocalyptic flick The Collapsed is the documentary entitled Skull World. It follows the antic of Greg Sommer, aka Skull Man, and his love of the madness that is Box Wars. The documentary is presently in post-production as McConnell works on the final cut, getting it down to feature length from the 270 hours of footage he started with.

Skull World should be finished and ready for festivals in April, and in the meantime I will share with you three deleted scenes that have surfaced, as well as the documentary's trailer. Enjoy the madness!

PRESS RELEASE – Three deleted scenes from SKULL WORLD
March 6, 2012

The upcoming counter‐culture documentary SKULL WORLD is currently in
the test screening/final edit phase, and to celebrate, three deleted scenes have been
released online.

“There’s so much footage that it’s barely scratching the surface to do this.
These scenes are entertaining, but didn’t fit in the overall final film.” Stated director
Justin McConnell (The Collapsed, Working Class Rock Star). “So from time to time
we’ll be releasing fun, generally out‐of‐context deleted scenes via the Youtube and
Facebook pages. There will be many more leading up to the release of the film.”

SKULL WORLD is set to be complete and ready for festivals in April. It will be
represented by RAVEN BANNER ENTERTAINMENT at the upcoming Cannes Film

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