February 14, 2012

The Watermen and Jabberwock UK DVD release update

Just a quick update for UK readers, or for those with a multi-region player, about a couple of upcoming releases from Chelsea Films. The Jason Mewes flick The Watermen will now be hitting DVD on April 23rd and Jabberwock: Dragon Siege will surface on May 28th. 

The Watermen Synopsis

A group of hot, rich, young things led by the dynamic Trailor (Mewes – Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) set out for a deep-sea fishing trip on a million-dollar yacht, but soon their fun turns into disaster when a fire damages their engine and they find themselves marooned in the middle of the ocean.
Spotting a ship on the horizon they alert them to their distress and are rescued, but the crew aren’t what they first seem and the dream trip turns into a nightmare as they fight for survival against the merciless clutches of The Watermen.

Jabberwock Synopsis

A fearsome Dragon is unleashed from a mythical world to wreak havoc upon a village in Jabberwock: Dragon Siege. A courageous young knight, is summoned back to his home village by his elder brother to be with his sick father. But their reunion is short-lived as a terrified and half-crazed traveller arrives in the village with ramblings of a winged monster. The villagers scoff at his tall tales but soon blood-curdling shrieks are heard and a ruthless dragon swoops down attacking everyone in its sights. The brothers must battle the monstrous beast to save their village and their loved ones.

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