February 15, 2012

New Canadian Distribution Company Launches With If A Tree Falls

Black Fawn Distribution is a new Canadian distribution company that just started its Video On Demand service. The first film to be screened is the Gabriel Carrer directed horror flick If a Tree Falls. You can view the movie online for 3 days for the paltry sum of $2.99, which is a steal if you ask me, and the money goes straight to the filmmakers.

They are also on the lookout for new films looking for Canadian distribution, so hit up the link below and check out what they are doing!

If a Tree Falls Synopsis

Siblings, Brad and Lisa Carpenter, along with two lifelong family friends, Will and Vanessa, set out road-tripping to an annual family reunion. They make the decision to find a place to stop and camp for the night. What ensues is a violent disturbance by six masked assailants, without motive or reason. The group find themselves living a night of psychological games and physical terror, and as morning dawns; the reality of what will come is more terrifying than anything the group could have ever imagined.

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