September 28, 2011

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011 - Final 10 Films Announced!

The folk at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which runs Oct 20-27, have announced the final selection of films to be screened. Two of which are world premieres. I posted about the initial selection of movies here, and it already looked impressive. Now you can add to that roster the quite excellent The Woman, Ti West's The Innkeepers, the world premieres of VS and War of the Dead, the terrific Absentia, vampire flick Midnight Son, The Corridor, Manborg, Some Guy Who Kills People (which I really want to see) and A Lonely Place To Die, which is again another flick I need to see.

You can read more at the Official Site and check out the trailers below (including the new Redline trailer). All in all this looks to be an incredibly good line-up and I am truly pissed I cannot make it there. If you are in Toronto you owe it to yourself to get tickets!


Christian said...

Thank you for this Jude! :)

Toronto After Dark

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Dead Moon Night said...

Sounds promising!
Thanks for the heads up!