September 27, 2011

Chillerama To Hit VOD This Week!

I would hazard a guess that Chillerama, the anthology from director's Adam Green, Tim Sullivan, Joe Lynch and adam Rifkin, is one of the most anticipated genre release's of 2011. Image Entertainment quite obviously believe this as they have decided to release it to VOD on September 29th. Yes, that is this Thursday! So now you won't need to wait until November 29th, which is when it is due to hit the old shiny's.

Produced by ArieScope Pictures and in the spirit of classic “omnibus” films like Dead of Night, Tales From the Crypt, Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie, with four vignettes that not only celebrate the golden age of B horror schlock but also nearly the entire history of horror cinema itself, CHILLERAMA offers something for every bad taste.  With titles like “Wadzilla,” “I Was A Teenage Werebear,” The Diary of Anne Frankenstein,” and “Zom-B-Movie,” CHILLERAMA features appearances by Joel David Moore (Avatar, Hatchet), Lin Shaye (Insidious), Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class), Kane Hodder (Hatchet and Hatchet II), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Sharktopus) and more cameos than one can (body)count. From the depraved minds of directors Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, The Dark Backward), Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs, Driftwood), Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen), and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Knights of Badassdom), CHILLERAMA is a festival of gore, guts, goofiness and good times.

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Anonymous said...

I am so renting this one, can't wait for this classic modern cheesy drive in fare....