September 27, 2011

Palisades Tartan Revamp Some Older Releases

The folk over at Palisades Tartan have taken fours movies from their back catalogue and revamped the artwork and changed the titles in an attempt to bring the movies to a wider audience. These new releases are due to hit the stores on October 4th. Of the four movies being released I already have an original Tartan release of Bad Blood, which I do recommend checking out when it hits as Blood Curse, as well as Carved which will now been known as The Slit-Mouthed Woman. The other two releases are Root of Evil, formerly Acacia, and The Hillside Stranglings which was previously released as The Hillside Strangler. All four are set to retail for $14.98

Check out the full press release below for details on each flick, plus above is the shiny new artwork for Blood Curse.


NEW YORK (September 22, 2011) -- Haunted houses, evil spirits, creepy ghosts, psycho killers and possessed trees – this Halloween Palisades Tartan has it all! In an effort to introduce a new audience to some of its best horror titles, Palisades Tartan will be releasing BLOOD CURSE (formerly BAD BLOOD)THE HILLSIDE STRANGLINGS UNRATED (formerly THE HILLSIDE STRANGLER), ROOT OF EVIL (formerly ACACIA) and THE SLIT-MOUTHED WOMAN (formerly CARVED) with revamped key art and special low prices. So if you haven’t completed your DVD horror collection yet, make sure you check out these grizzly tales on October 11.

“Lingers Long After The Last Frame Has Played.”
Unrated, 2006, Portuguese, 97 min,
Palisades Tartan Extreme

After inheriting a home in the countryside, a family learns they have also inherited a dark and menacing curse.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Making of Blood Curse, Original Theatrical Trailer

Catalog #: PTT-DV-4043 ; UPC: 842498000267

“Impossible to look away from.”
Dana Stevens, New York Times
English, 2004, 98 min,
Palisades Tartan Extreme

A frank, no-hold-barred, account of the chilling true story of the brutal killing spree that brought L.A. to its knees.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Director Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Interview with C. Thomas Howell, Original Theatrical Trailer

Catalog #: PTT-DV-4003 ; UPC: 842498000304

“Guaranteed to keep you awake at night.”
Todd D. Schwartz, CBS Radio
Unrated, 2003, Korean, 102 min
Palisades Tartan Asia Extreme

After a couple’s adopted son disappears, a number of strange occurrences and dead bodies pile up, all seemingly centered around a mysterious Acacia tree.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Making of, Cast Interviews, Original Theatrical Trailer, TV Spots

Catalog #: PTT-DV-4021; UPC: 842498000250

“An instant horror classic”
Screem Magazine
Unrated, 2006, Japanese, 90 min
Palisades Tartan Asia Extreme

A town is terrorized by the spirit of a grotesquely disfigured woman with unfinished business.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Making of The Slit-Mouthed Woman, Cast Interview, Original Theatrical Trailer, TV Spots

Catalog #: PTT-DV-4054; UPC: 842498000472

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