June 15, 2011

Wildside Review - Kidnapped

Due to reasons that I won’t go into I ended up watching Kidnapped,Secuestrados in its native Spain, in two parts. When sitting down to watch the final 20 minutes or so I warned my wife that it apparently gets quite harsh so she may not like what happens. Needless to say it did and she didn’t. Kidnapping certainly packs one hell of a punch.
On the surface Kidnapped could be viewed as just another home invasion style movie, and truth be known it is a home invasion flick. A Spanish couple and their daughter move to a new house, and everything is going smoothly aside from the odd glitch which is bound to happen upon arriving at your new house. Before the night is over though three men break into the house and take the family hostage. This in turn starts a chain of events that slowly and methodically builds to a stunning finale.

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Anonymous said...

Iam watching it this weekend because of your review. Sounds good.