June 14, 2011

Lock Your Doors And Windows

To coincide with the release on VOD of Miguel Angel Vivas' Kidnapped I thought I would have a quick look back at a few other home invasion flicks. Some are better than others, but all are worth watching at least once. This isn't an exhaustive list, it's just a taster. It is a fascinating little sub-genre in my opinion so I hope you enjoy these trailers and find something you haven't seen before. Enjoy.

Cherry Tree Lane (2010)

Still to receive a US release Cherry Tree Lane is directed by Paul Andrew Williams, who also gave us The Cottage. This flick however is a lot bleaker than his earlier movie, and whilst not perfect it is an incredibly bleak movie.

Ils (Them) (2006)

This French movie I found to be one of the more effective home invasion movie. Tense and scary throughout, although let down slightly by its weakish ending. Still, a terrific movie that I highly recommend.

The Strangers (2008)

Home invasion Hollywood style. The first time I saw this I wasn't blown away, I thought it was ok but could have been better. Funnily enough though it actually improves with a second viewing. Not bad at all.

Inside (A l'interieur) (2007)

An absolute bloodbath, and one of the best horror flicks of the last 10 years. Chilling, gory and sure to leave you stunned. You will need a strong stomach for this beauty.

Straw Dogs (1971)

Probably the Granddaddy of all home invasion flicks. Peckinpah, Hoffman and George deliver the goods in sunny Cornwall England. Watch this before the remake/sequel hits later this year.

Funny Games (2008)

Michael Haneke remade his own movie, I regret that I have still yet to see the original (yes, I should be publicly flogged), with Tim Roth and the creepy Michael Pitt and managed to still make an effective movie. I rarely watch remakes having not seen the original so I can't compare but I did think that this was a solid movie.

House on the Edge of the Park (1980)

By far the sleaziest entry into this genre, in my opinion anyway. Ruggero Deodato directs and David Hess and Giovanni Lombardo Radice star in this nasty but very good piece of celluloid filth. As I said once before Alex likes to boogie!

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morleysaurus said...

Totally digging your choices of trailers here, some awesome movies. Funny Games in particular is an incredibly disturbing movie! :)