June 15, 2011

Filthy Competition!

It's time for the first giveaway contest at the Lair, and it's going to be as easy as you like! One winner will receive a copy of Cross, Sweet Karma and the novel The 13th by John Everson. All you need to do to snag all of these is send me an email to judefelton@hotmail.com and tell me which film Vinnie Jones made his debut in. Told you it was easy! Just make sure you include the title "Karma is a bitch" when you enter and include your name and mailing address. I'll let this run until June 24th 2011 when I will then pick a winner. Oh, the official rules are my decision is final and yes I will ship worldwide, so anyone can enter.

Sweet Karma is released today (June 15th)

Sweet Karma is a thriller starring Shera Bechard (Miss November 2010). It follows Karma Balint a shy, mute Russian girl whose sister Anna left for Canada with bright hopes of making some money for the two of them. When Karma discovers that Anna’s body has been found in the woods, the apparent victim of a Russian mafia hit, Karma sets off to infiltrate the criminal underworld to avenge her sister. Her journey takes her through the twisted underbelly of society leaving behind death and mayhem in her wake.

When beautiful, young women start disappearing from the streets of L.A., it’s time for good-guy Callan (a.k.a. Cross) and his crew of weapons experts to kick into high gear and take out the trash. Granted incredible power by his ancient Celtic cross, Callan must fight to stop an immortal Viking from destroying mankind with his doomsday device. Also starring: Tom Sizemore, Jake Busey and Lori Heuring.

Castle House Lodge. A century ago it was an exclusive resort hotel. But for years it’s stood empty, a haunting shadow of its former glories.
Now, after twenty-five years of rumors and ghost stories, the overgrown grounds are showing signs of being tended. The building itself has been repaired. Castle House has new occupants. What was once a haven for the elite is now a madhouse, a private asylum for pregnant women.
But are all the patients really insane?
And is it just a coincidence that people have begun to disappear from the nearby town?

David Shale’s girlfriend is one of the missing, and he’s determined to find the truth behind the mysterious Dr. Rockford and his house of secrets. He will learn the meaning of the red X painted on the basement door…and he will know the ultimate fear, the horror of…

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