January 13, 2021

Nadsvest / Necrobode - Split 12" MLP - Press Release.


Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present a special split mini-album between Nadsvest and Necrobode on 12" vinyl format.

Here, Serbia faces off with Portugal for a pitch-black cauldron of devilish origin. Up first are Nadsvest, who are a duo possessing a wealth of underground experience: namely, Atterigner is currently vocalist for Norway's infamous Gorgoroth, and Krigeist is founding vocalist/guitarist of the UK's well-regarded Barshasketh. Their two tracks here are hammering, hysteric violence given ethereal flight through a frequent layer of medieval synths. With the rabidly unrestrained vocals spitting venom and the overall metal-centric push 'n' pulse of that violence, Nadsvest deliver pure black metal of an unself-consciously '90s-rich vintage.

From Portugal comes the ungodly Necrobode, who delivered their cult debut album, Sob o Feitiço do Necrobode, through Iron Bonehead in early 2020. Carrying forward the same sort of filth but arguably going even rawer, on their three tracks do Necrobode unload a torrent of pulsing bestiality, clanging riffery, and FX-drenched vomits from the abyss. Despite the ultraviolence on display, there's a pronounced sense of desolation here, perhaps if that ultraviolence is directed inward rather than outward. Either way, the dungeons are calling, and this Portuguese power-trio are heeding the call!

01 - Ustolicenje smrti I
02 - Ustolicenje smrti II

03 - Peste Negra
04 - Pisados Pelos Cascos de Satanás
05 - Inferno Escarlate.

The Nadsvest / Necrobode split will be available on 12" MLP + digital formats via Iron Bonehead Productions from the 5th of March.

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