January 17, 2021

Guest 2020 Top 10 Release Listing - SS From Cyclopean Eye Productions.


Guest 2020 Top 10 Release Listing - SS From Cyclopean Eye Productions.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

As I've mentioned before one of the benefits of being involved with The Lair of Filth is forming ties and friendships with labels / bands and for me this has most definitely been the case with SS from Cyclopean Eye Productions who I've known for a number of years. As knowledgeable as he is friendly, SS is one of the most dedicated supporters of our underground I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Cyclopean Eye Productions remains one of the most important labels of recent years - let's not forget this was the first label to release music from Genocide Shrines and Jyotiṣavedāṅga and with SS assuring me 2021 will be a strong year for the label Cyclopean Eye Productions will remain a force within our underground for many years to come.

Previous top release listings for 2020:

Akhlys Melinoë Debemur Morti Productions.

Akhlys' third album, and follow up to 2015's 'The Dreaming I.'

Inquisition - Black Mass for a Mass Grave - Agonia Records.

Eighth album from Inquisition, their first since 2016.

Revenge Strike.Smother.Dehumanize Season of Mist Underground Activists.

The first Revenge album since Behold.Total.Rejection was released in 2015.

Abhomine - Proselyte Parasite PlagueHells Headbangers Records Osmose Productions.

Second album from Abhomine - follow up to 2016's Larvae Offal Swine.

Obskuritatem - Hronika Iz MrakBlack Gangrene Productions.

Follow up to their 2017 album, 'U kraljevstvu mrtvih...'

Void Prayer - The Grandiose Return to the Void Black Gangrene Productions.

Second album from Sarajevo's Void Prayer.

Lamp of Murmuur - Heir of Ecliptical RomanticismIndependentDeath Kvlt Productions.

Debut full length album from Lamp of Murmuur.

Mooncitadel - Night's Scarlet Symphonies - Werewolf Records.

Another debut album, from Finland's Mooncitadel.

Häxanu - Snare of All Salvation - Amor Fati ProductionsFólkvangr Records.

Debut release from Häxanu.

Zarabanda Moon - Unseen Forest Patriot - Livor Mortis.

Another debut album, from New York's Zarabanda Moon.

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