February 5, 2020

Guest 2019 Top 10 Release Listing - SS From Cyclopean Eye Productions.

When I initially considered hosting guest album/release listings SS from Cyclopean Eye Productions was one of a few people that came to mind instantly.
The greatest benefit from maintaining The Lair of Filth over the past few years is the friendships that I've made with people from many parts of the world - Sandesh being a prime example. We've been in touch for a long time now and remain great friends who insist on sharing a beer whenever we get the rare chance to meet up. Not only is Sandesh one of the soundest people I've met, he's also the owner of  one of the underground's most important labels, Cyclopean Eye Productions - the first label to release music from them likes of Genocide Shrines and Jyotiṣavedāṅga.

Previously published 2019 listings:

Guest 2019 Top 10 Release Listing - SS From Cyclopean Eye Productions:

Old Forest - Black Forests of Eternal Doom - Dusktone.

Musmahhu -  Reign of the Odious - Iron Bonehead Productions.

Departure Chandelier - Antichrist Rise to Power - Nuclear War Now! ProductionsInCoffin Productions.

Drastus - La Croix de Sang - Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Black Cilice – Transfixion Of Spirits - Iron Bonehead Productions.

FÖRGJORD – Ilmystykset - Werewolf Records.

Warmoon Lord - Burning Banners of the Funereal War - Wolfspell Records.

Vargrav -Reign In Supreme Darkness - Werewolf Records.

Haunter - Sacramental Death Qualia - I, Voidhanger Records.

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