January 12, 2020

Guest 2019 Top 10 Release Listing - PK From Iron Bonehead Productions.

Guest Top 10 Release Listing -  PK From Iron Bonehead Productions.

When I initially considered hosting guest year-end listings the first person I thought of was PK, the founder of what's easily one of the greatest underground labels of all time - Iron Bonehead Productions
My interview with PK in 2015 remains one of the most popular interviews I've hosted on The Lair of Filth so, who better to give us his take on last year's releases?

In my year-end album listings I frequently refer to existing ties being strengthened and I can think of no other label who's supported myself and my work at The Lair of Filth more than Iron Bonehead Productions - my eternal thanks and appreciation go to PK and Iron Bonehead Productions for this support.

As with all articles here on The Lair of Filth any text in red is a link that will take you straight to the relevant page, be it band, release or label.

Keep referring back to The Lair of Filth for future updates on Never Surrender Vol III - co-hosted by Nuclear War Now! Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions as this could well be the finest underground line-up we'll see in 2020.

Another reason to keep checking back is in the next few weeks we'll have a further three 2019 album listings - from Jude, Alan Ripley and SS from Cyclopean Eye Productions.

In the meantime, in no particular order here's PK's top 10 releases from 2019:

Imprecation -  Damnatio ad Bestias - Dark Descent Records.

One of two albums to also feature on my 2019 album listing.

Meillä Oli Vain YöMustan metallin muistelot - Independent.

Debut release by Finland's Meillä Oli Vain Yö

Profanatica Rotting Incarnation of God - Season of Mist Underground Activists.

Ashamedly this is one of 2019's albums that I've yet to buy but it's definitely at the top of my purchase list...

Mahr Trident, Sword, and Scythe - Independent.

Debut album from Virginia's Mahr and follow up to 2015's EP, 'MMXV.'

Vortex Them Witches - Gates of Hell Records.

Fifth album from Holland's Vortex since their return in 1998.

Sangue Culś - Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Debut album from Italy's Sangue and follow to 2017's self-titled debut EP.

Heinous Demo I - Medieval Prophecy RecordsNew Era ProductionsIndependent.

Another debut release, and another that I missed during the year

Denial Of God The Hallow MassOsmose ProductionsHells Headbangers Records Independent.

Despite releasing music since 1992, this is only Denial of God's third album, follow up to 2012's 'Death and the Beyond,' which was also released by Hells Headbangers.

Holocausto Diário de GuerraNuclear War Now! Productions InCoffin Productions Pub Metal Shop.

The second, of two, releases that were also included on my Top album listing, there's no doubt this is easily one of the best returns to form of recent times.

Tomb - Gates of Gehenna - Zzooouhh Rex + Gedebe Rekords.

First new music from Malaysia's Tomb since their 2016 EP, 'Black Crucifixion.'

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