February 12, 2017

Review and Track Stream - Vomit Angel - Sadomatic Evil.

Vomit Angel - Sadomatic Evil 12" MLP.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Iron Bonehead Productions has a fierce reputation for bringing us some of the best music the underground has to offer. The label has a knack for spotting and releasing quality music that previously may have had a very limited release; in the process bringing it to a wider audience than it may not have had otherwise. This is definitely the case for ‘Sadomatic Evil’ by Vomit Angel which had a limited release on cassette in October 2016 by Headsplit Records from Portland, Oregon. Within the next few weeks Iron Bonehead Productions will release ‘Sadomatic Evil’ on MLP, bringing Vomit Angel’s music to a well-deserved higher level of prominence than previous.
Based in Denmark Vomit Angel is a two piece made up of Necrodevil on guitars and vocals with Lord Titan performing drums and backing vocals. The artwork for the MLP is the creation of Nadasdy who, along with Sod Corpse, also designed the band’s logo, Sod Corpse also performed bass on this MLP which was recorded at Goatfarm Studios and produced and mixed by Skygt. Sod is a long-time associate of the band and has played guitar live for Sadomator since 2011.

While this may be Vomit Angel’s first release they’re no strangers to the studio as both members have been heavily involved in the underground since the 1990’s. Necrodevil and Lord Titan were the founding members of Sadogoat, which changed its name to Sadomator in 2005. Sadogoat was well ahead of the posse when it came to the resurgence in bestial metal and since formation they have released numerous demos, splits and albums under both names. Sadomator’s most recent release was the excellent ‘Goat Anthology’ vinyl box set (pictured below) which came out via Iron Bonehead Productions in September last year, featuring their three LPs and a fourth disc featuring EP songs and unreleased studio and rehearsal material. A truly stunning and excellent value box set that is worth more than a second look. Sadomator’s influence on the underground is not to be underestimated; their three LPs as featured in the box set were all previously released by Iron Bonehead Productions and many feel it was on these three albums Sadomator “perfected the Blasphemy/Beherit axis to a T.” 
Despite their European roots Vomit Angel’s music has a primitive feel to it that’s similar to early black/death metal from South America. Granted, the music has slightly less of a bestial approach than that of Sadomator but it’s still a filthy enough listen to satisfy fans of the band. Featuring eight tracks across nineteen minutes there’s no time for messing about and Vomit Angel presents us with some seriously good music. 
Each track is a full on, high tempo primeval assault laced with filth, depravity and unpleasantness and as you’d expect the pace is fairly relentless with no let-up – with a track entitled ‘Blasting Black Goat Attack’ you should have a fair idea of what to expect. 
Since getting the Sadomator box set in December I’ve spent quite a bit of time listening to their music and thankfully Vomit Angel’s music is of a standard high enough to continue the legacy of these underground pioneers. Throw in the fact this is the first time Necrodevil (Seventh Blasphemer) and Lord Titan have written music together in well over ten years and you’ve got an essential listen. Just listen to ‘Sadomator’ below and you’ll get a good idea as to what to expect from this lethal release. 

“No hope, no fun, no sobriety: this is Vomit  Angel’s Sadomatic Evil!” 9/10.

01 - Sadomator
02 - Time Travel
03 - Cotard
04 - Voices in the Wind
05 - Host of Darkness
06 - Time of the Moon
07 - Blasting Black Goat Attack
08 - Female Goat Perversion.

Sadomator's Goat Anthology box set is currently available from Iron Bonehead Productions and Vomit Angel's 'Sadomatic Evil' 12" MLP will also be available from Iron Bonehead Productions in the next few weeks.

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