January 8, 2017

Upcoming features at The Lair of Filth.

Here at The Lair of Filth the holidays haven't meant a break from planning and plotting some fantastic features that I can now reveal to you. These will be posted in the coming weeks/months along with plenty of other music reviews. I hope you'll agree it's a very strong start to the year for us, thanks again for your support, Trevor.

A.M.S.G. interview - I was in touch with A.M.S.G. following the publication of my Top 25 Album List for 2016 and am extremely proud and honoured to reveal that in the coming weeks we'll have an exclusive, in-depth interview with this lethal underground band.

Krucyator Productions, the label that brought us some fantastic music from Autokrator and N.K.V.D. is set to bring us the debut EP from Experimental Black/Death Metal project Miserist. This self-titled EP will be reviewed and will also feature an EXCLUSIVE track stream.

In an effort to keep bringing you the best of information from our underground I'm also going to publish two slightly different articles in the coming months. 
It's with immense pride and excitement that I can reveal interviews combined with artist profiles have been agreed with two of our underground's most talented and respected artists:

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