January 15, 2017

Review - Miserist - S/T EP.

Miserist - S/T EP.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

To date French label Krucyator Productions has been responsible for releasing / co-releasing music from two of the country’s finest underground bands, Autokrator and N.K.V.D. - music that has been released in multiple formats by some of the greatest underground labels. This February will see Krucyator Productions spread its geographical wings a little and release the debut EP from a new and mysterious Australian entity called Miserist

The band is an Experimental Black/Death project that previously released a demo under the name of Headwar but aside from this at present very little is known about the band apart from the fact it seems to be a solo project. Krucyator Productions will release ‘Miserist’ on CD and digital formats on the 13th of February. ‘Miserist’ features six tracks spanning close to thirty minutes between them, with varying track lengths lasting between three and just under ten minutes.

Whilst secretive about membership, origins etc. the band has been a little more revealing when it comes to the EP, describing it as follows, “The first track I recorded was Narikuntu. I'd just watched a documentary on a mental asylum for kids, and I thought of what it would be like in there, treated like an animal, trapped in dark rooms with people that could kill you, rape you or defecate on you at any second. Just pure misery. This is what I thought of while recording these tracks and I used this as a theme for the album. It was mixed from February 2015 until March 2016, but most of the guitar was recorded in a few weeks. I was in a dark place and after seeing that documentary it just all spilled out. I added to it bit by bit, added other sounds and everything else over time.”
I hadn’t read the above press release information when I first listened to the EP but I’d tend to agree – it’s most definitely a dark, twisted and psychotic listen.

I first listened to Miserist on a lengthy late night car trip and it’s the perfect soundtrack for a journey at that time of night, the music itself bringing you on its own horrific journey, albeit a much more hostile journey than you may have expected. My first listen grabbed my attention, prompting an immediate second listen and several since; it’s the type of music that sucks you a little further into its twisted world with each and every listen. 
'Skin, Mold and Flame' opens the EP and after a brief intro Miserist show us the level of heaviness that is frequently present throughout the EP, although there’s a lot more to the music of Miserist than mere heaviness and the music defies straight forward classification. The title track follows and is one of the fastest and heaviest on the EP and whilst this track is another suitable indicator of what’s to come there’s plenty of surprises during the EP to keep things varied and rewarding in equal measure. The tempo is extremely changeable, ranging from the all-out assault of the title track to the horrifically atmospheric ambiance of tracks like closer 'Narikuntu.' 
All manner of effects and samples are deftly used across the EP’s duration, adding to the hostility that constantly poisons the atmosphere and the music is entirely instrumental which further enhances the pervading menace. This is a murky, horror infused listen and you can immediately hear influence from several bands such as Gnaw Their Tongues and Portal but at times you can also hear some similarities with other underground bands such as the UK’s Abyssal – one of the greatest bands at creating this type of music.

There’s nothing orthodox or predictable about the EP which showcases a twisted take on experimental metal. No doubt there’s talent within Miserist and it’s a talent I hope we’ll hear more of in the future.

Please be sure to check back with The Lair of Filth in the next 7-10 days as I’m extremely proud to reveal we will have an exclusive premier track stream from the EP – 'VIII.'

Exceptional music, especially for a debut release.


01 - Skin, Mold & Flame
02 – Miserist
03 – VIII
04 - Horror Infinitum
05 - Lung Rust
06 – Narikuntu.

Miserist's self-titled EP is currently available for pre-order via Krucyator Productions.

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