May 23, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Temple Desecration: Communion Perished'

Temple Desecration - Communion Perished MLP (2014) 

Iron Bonehead Productions 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Once again Iron Bonehead Productions has dredged the depths and bowels of hell and came back with another exciting addition to its already healthy roster; how the hell any label can come up with so many musical gems is beyond me. I’ve reviewed quite a few releases from Iron Bonehead and associated label Invictus Productions lately and have yet to hear anything less than superb from either. This time Bonehead is set to release Communion Perished by Temple Desecration from Tychy, Poland on the 27th June. 

Temple Desecration was formed in 2011 and subsequently released a demo entitled Abhorrent Rites via the Societas Oculorum Arcanorum (S.O.A.) label in 2012, creating a stir and attracting attention within the underground. Communion Perished is a MLP lasting just over thirteen minutes and featuring two tracks; Ghoul Prayer and Apotheosis.

The religious chant at the start of Ghoul Prayer and subsequent demonic shrieks set the stage for thirteen minutes of blackened, filthy death metal as Temple Desecration plunge you straight into the oppressive depths of their malevolent, evil filled world – there’s no fucking about here, no frills, no fancy intros just upfront, authentic underground death metal as Temple Desecration blasts your eardrums and senses. The furious pace gives way after three minutes when we hear another spoken word sample and further demonic effects prompting a slower, blackened doom influenced section before the pace returns, obliterating the speakers and eardrums once more - this band doesn’t just desecrate the temple; they desecrate everything within hearing distance. 

A Church bell marks the end of Ghoul Prayer and beginning of Apotheosis and it’s another descent into the hellish, tortured world of Temple Desecration; starting at a doomier pace before you’re blasted in the face with torturous blackened death metal that’s as oppressive and atmospheric as it is blasphemous. The organic, slightly muffled production throughout Communion Perished adds to the inhuman, demonic atmosphere generated by Temple Desecration as do the samples and effects used during the recording; in my opinion atmosphere is essential with this type of music and Temple Desecration create the bleakest, most tormented of worlds without a problem.

Iron Bonehead remains one of the most important underground labels about with bands like Abyssal, Heresiarch, Cemetery Fog, Sheol, Skelethal and many others signed with them at present; in Temple Desecration they have uncovered death metal gold – if you like your death metal oppressive, suffocating, atmospheric and damned dark and dirty this is the release for you. 

Not for the faint-hearted, death metal posers or someone looking an easily accessible listen; this is a seriously exceptional, demonic, bloodcurdling release for those who appreciate truly underground death metal. Another exceptional Iron Bonehead release from another exciting band and further proof (as if we needed it) the underground is as healthy and prolific as ever. I hope this is only the start of many releases from this band and can’t wait to hear a full length album, in the meantime I’m off to order their demo and pre-order this MLP from Iron Bonehead – I suggest you do the same.


1 – Ghoul Prayer
2 – Apotheosis

Temple Desecration's Communion Perished MLP is released by Iron Bonehead Productions on 27th June 2014.

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