May 24, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Deep in Hate: Chronicles of Oblivion'

Deep in Hate – Chronicles of Oblivion (2014)


Review by Jude Felton

Over the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of listening to, and reviewing, many (if not all) of Kaotoxin’s releases. One thing has become quite apparent, actually make that two, and that is that they aren’t afraid to mix it up, with Doom, Black, Death and Grindcore all getting a good shout-out, but also the incredible quality of the music, and packaging. I don’t honestly think I have heard anything from the label that has been nothing less than top quality. This is a fact that doesn’t look to change with French band Deep in Hate’s Chronicles of Oblivion.

First and foremost this is a Deathcore album, for those that like their labels, but before you go running for cover read on. You won’t find any clean singing here, none whatsoever, and absolutely no hum along mass market friendly harmonies to hook in the disenchanted teen crowd. That’s not to say that it won’t appeal to that crowd, instead it’s an album that’s all about heavy as fuck music, brutally executed; love it or hate it.

Now, there are some “deathcore” albums I do like, and will pop on the occasional one; bands like Motionless in White or Tear out the Heart. Both these bands have a very commercial side to their music, as heavy as both can be, and more power to them, as they’ve both released stunners. Deep in Hate, on the other hand, want nothing more than to pummel the fuck out of the listener, so call a goddamn ambulance right now.

Driven along by the whirlwind drumming of Aborted’s Nicolas Bastos, intricate, yet crushing guitars, and some incredible bass work (that shit is something else), Deep in Hate draw in many of the deathcore staples and give them a good old-fashioned kick in the ass, and it all works perfectly.

My one real negative about Chronicles of Oblivion is that, as an album, it’s too short. Not including the opening intro, there are 8 songs which total just over half an hour’s worth of music. Damn fine music, of that I will grant you, but it’s all over too quickly. Mind you, that does also work in its favor, as it leaves you wanting more.

At the end of the day, put aside any preconceived notions of how a deathcore album “should” sound like, and listen to an album that gives the genre a hateful kick in the balls and shows the world what a damned good album sounds like. Genres so often tie a band down, either through the fans or the label, or even the band themselves, which can be a definite negative. Deep in Hate just play damned good music, and have released a bloody good album.

As is the case with most Kaotoxin releases, Chronicles of Oblivion will be released digitally and on a limited edition (1000 copies) Digi-CD.


1. Introduction
2. Genesis of Void
3. The Cattle Procession
4. Altar of Lies
5. New Republic
6. The Unheard Prayers
7. The Divide
8. Wingless Gods
9. Beyond

Chronicles of Oblivion is released by Kaotoxin on June 3rd.

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