August 21, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Force of Darkness: Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness'

Forces of Darkness - Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness (2014)

Hells Headbangers

Review by Blakwulfaz

This monstrosity has BENEATH THE REMAINS written all over it....

A blackened thrash band from Chile, Force of Darkness's new EP "Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness" is a nasty pill to swallow. Drenched in occult content and a devotion to Satanic forces, this 20 minute EP is fast, its heavy, its filled with excellent riffs and will surely satisfy those who have a taste for dirty black/thrash metal.

Bands love intros, and Force of Darkness is no different. We are greeted by an introduction of reverbed acoustic guitars, satanic chants and horrific laughter and then the madness begins. When the first song kicks in, it immediately launches into an onslaught of aggression. Seb Armageddon's vicious guitar playing sets the tone for the record that is very much a thrash record, but one that is painted black. It reeks of early Sepultura, which should be taken as the highest compliment to this South American horde.

When it comes to thrash metal, it is all about the speed, tightness and of course, how GOOD the riffs are. Let's face it, there hasn't been a decent thrash band in decades aside from Baltimore's Noisem, but considering these guys are more of a black/thrash offering, Force of Darkness have a great blend of all three factors mixed with their own flavor. While this is, of course, nothing ground breaking it is a solid record that gives great tribute to what the early thrash scene was all about. About halfway into "Creations From Obscurity" is a great bridge section that came directly out of Slayer's arsenal mixed with Max Cavalera's signature bark.

This is the first time I have sat down and listened to Force of Darkness and I am definitely not disappointed. The production is excellent, raw enough yet mixed properly for everything to blend and not overpower. The drums are pummeling, the guitars are abrasive and extremely vile backed by the very Cavalera styled vocal delivery, this album is what I would call the product of blending Sepultura and Slayer together for a great bastard son of thrash.

If you are a fan of true thrash metal, and have a sweet tooth for the black metal aesthetics, this is an enjoyable record that deserves a spot on the shelf. 


1. Intro: Darkness Revelation
2. Thy Mystical Vibration
3. Creations from Obscurity
4. Kliphotic Procreation
5. Abraxas Revenge
6. Oceans of Black Lava

Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness is released by Hells Headbangers on August 26th.

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