August 17, 2014

Filthy Interview - 'Vorage'

Recently, the mysterious Vorage had their demo released by the superb Exitium Productions. It is now sold out, so you'll have to sell your soul to find a copy. Alternatively you can listen to it on Bandcamp, which I'll grant you isn't the same. However, it is worth your time. Anyhoo, for his first piece for the Lair, Blakwulfaz conducted this interview with Vorage instrumentalist, A.H.S. Enjoy!

LoF - Please introduce yourself, the band, and your position within

A.H.S. - We are Vorage, I'm A.H.S., I play all instruments while Al Xul performs vocals.

LoF - Vorage is pretty new on the scene, how did the band come to be and what was the initial inspiration to form it?

A.H.S. - There was no real formation. I found myself writing a lot of confusing riffs, undoubtedly aided by sleep deprivation. I wanted to create terror. The sensation of falling forever.

LoF - What is the meaning behind Vorage? How does this name reflect the music that is presented?

A.H.S. - The name is taken from the Latin 'vorago' which is a whirlpool or vortex, and was chosen since our music is exactly that; a vortex.

LoF - I definitely would agree that is a fitting name considering the chaotic nature of the music. Is there an outside influence that inspires your songwriting, or is there something more deeper and introverted?

A.H.S. - I think it's clear to everyone who has heard us that a certain few bands may have given us a slight nudge in this direction. I am inspired by death, mental illness, morbid reality and the futility of it all, not just from my own perspective but from the perspective of others. How it must feel to fear death and be dying. It fascinates me.

LoF - Would you say there is a spiritual emphasis on the aspect of death when it comes to the lyrical content and imagery of the band?

A.H.S. - No. Although I can never remove the spiritual aspect when the lyrics reflect some of my own thoughts on Death, we focus on the physical (and non-physical, as is Death itself). I am already in various bands with spiritual emphasis. It was time for a change.

LoF - Considering there are a lot of bands who are devoting their music to a more deeper involvement, such as spirituality and magick, it is almost becoming a new "trend". Does it matter whether or not the content of Vorage would be viewed in that light when you yourself do not?

A.H.S. - If people want to waste time digging for something that isn't there, let them.

LoF - Well said. Today marks the four month anniversary when your self-titled demo was released via Exitium Productions. What are your thoughts on the demo now as opposed to when it was completed?

A.H.S. - The same. A good start to something bigger.

LoF - Do you feel the demo still represents what the band was initially set to achieve?

A.H.S. - Yes

LoF - How does the future of Vorage look to you? When will new material see the light of day?

A.H.S. - We will be donating a new song to a compilation co-released by Ceremonial Void and Exitium. Nothing else has been written, but we do have plans for an album and maybe a split. Vorage is something I hope I can continue for a long time.

LoF - You are also a member of various extreme metal bands, how does Vorage compare to these other bands since this is a more personal project consisting of two members?

A.H.S. - It doesn't compare. Nor should it. I am already in those bands, there's no need for a second version. We have only one thing in common. Death.

LoF - Personally, what does death mean to you, and why is it such a prominent figure in the music you create?

A.H.S. - Salvation, freedom, an end to boundaries and limitations. But also fear. We utilise the contrast of positive/negative in our lyrics.

LoF - Will Vorage remain in the shadows as a studio band, or will you bring it out in full force for live shows?

A.H.S. - Our priority is recording more material. We have thought of playing live, but if it happens it won't be for a long time.

LoF - Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, best of luck and total support to Vorage, last words are yours!

A.H.S. - Thanks for the interview and support.

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