July 21, 2014

The Burning!! Mad Max!! Maniac!! It can only be Hudson Horror 9!!

There's a very good chance that Errol, Mike and the crew behind the Hudson Horror Shows are into sorcery; I shit you not. The first I attended was HH6(66), which screened Re-Animator and Phantasm 2, among others, which happen to be two of my favorite horror flicks. Then, at HH7, they unloaded the big gun with a screening of my all-time fav; House by the Cemetery. Alas, I missed HH8, which had two more favs, in The Thing and Escape from New York. Now, with Hudson Horror 9 they have done it again; The Burning, Maniac AND Mad Max. Fuck me gently, they are inside my head I tell thee. Damned sorcery!!!

In all seriousness, and yes those are all favorite flicks of mine, the Hudson Horror Show is a show you most certainly want to get to. They had some issues with the theater they use being sold, bought and all kinds of tomfoolery, which put the future of the show in doubt, but all is now good. We get to see a ton of cool flicks in 35mm!! 

So, you get cools flicks, super nice guys and gals, with Errol and Co. and me loitering around; what more is there to say? Oh, you might also bump into the ever charming Doc Terror, Michael Gingold and a whole bevvy of great folk. There's also a ton of vendors there, from past experience.

"The movie festival that even modern technology could not kill, Hudson Horror Show, is back from the grave and hungry for your soul!  Hudson Horror Show IX, will be at the Empire South Hills 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY on Saturday August 9th, 2014.  This is the theater we have been at for the last five years which is formerly known as the Silver Cinemas South Hills 8.  Now celebrating our fifth anniversary we will present six movies (for the price of five) all off of vintage 35mm film.  It’s been a long time and oh, we have such sights to show you…

From Director William Lustig we present one of the most brutal and unflinching horror films of all time, MANIAC!  You will be amazed at Joe Spinell’s riveting dual performance as both a slimy and sadistic killer and a suave ladies man!

Hudson Horror goes post apocalyptic!  Before you see the reboot/sequel, join us for a 35th Anniversary screening of the original MAD MAX!  They say people don't believe in heroes anymore, in Poughkeepsie, we’re gonna give em back their heroes!!  Sugar tits!

We really dig slashers and are overjoyed to present the early 80’s classic THE BURNING!  While our beloved Cropsey does all of the killing, the true star of the film is special effects maestro, Tom Savini.  Savini’s glorious gore work was heavily cut to get an “R” rating in America, but we will be screening the uncut international version with all of the juicy bits intact!

What would HHS be without some foreign film insanity?  You may need to wear tinfoil on your head to prevent your brain from melting from the madness that is LADY TERMINATOR!!  Presented by the B Movie Film Vault, this incomprehensible mess of a movie is a note for note rip off of the Schwarzenegger sci-fi classic which needs to be seen to be believed!

The only thing better than one mystery movie is two!  As a thank you for five years of patronage, HHS#9 will screen two mystery movies, so that is six movies in total, for the price of five.  What will this gruesome twosome be?  Get a ticket for Hudson Horror Show #9 and find out!!

Our last show was a record setting advance sell out and tickets for this show are on sale now!  Don’t miss it, get your tickets now!  Advance tickets are just $26.00.  Click here to order at http://www.hudsonhorror.com/purchase-tickets/.  If any tickets remain the day of show, they will be available for $30.00, cash only.  But don’t count on it!"

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