July 23, 2014

Black Fawn Distro invite you to a 'Silent Retreat'

Even though we have not covered as much film news as we have in the past, it's fairly common knowledge that I really enjoy Canadian horror movies. Now, we're not just talking the classic Canadian cinema, such as the works of David Cronenberg (which do of course kick ass), but the new wave that is currently also kicking ass and taking names. One of the forerunners in helping get these movies to a wider audience is Black Fawn Distro. They recently gave us the delightful Discopath, which you have to check out, and come September 2nd they will unleash Silent Retreat. The film is directed by Tricia Lee and stars one of my favorite actors, Robert Nolan. Read on for more information, including stills and the trailer!

Synopsis: Following an assault charge, Janey Andrews (Chelsea Jenish) is sent to a remote rehabilitation centre in order to avoid jail time. Run by an ominous doctor (Robert Nolan) and his two sons, Janey is instructed to follow the rules of the retreat without question: No talking. No eye contact. No interaction of any kind. It doesn’t take long for Janey to realize that something sinister is taking place and with the help of a fellow inmate named Alexis (Sophia Banzhaf), the girls attempt to flee. Despite the doctor’s deplorable motives, Janey soon discovers that something much more sinister lurks just beyond the trees and she comes to understand exactly what the penalty is for those who break the silence.

SILENT RETREAT celebrated its World Premiere at the 2013 Toronto After Dark Film Festival and has since gone on to screen at the Nocturna Film Fest in Madrid, Spain. Led by talented actresses Chelsea Jenish and Sofia Banzhaf, SILENT RETREAT is ultimately about women finding their voice and refusing to be silent, a theme that resonated with Lee while developing the film. With SILENT RETREAT, Lee added her own spin to the genre: strong female characters combined with an emotionally resonant theme and classic horror imagery.

“We really wanted to acquire a film that was very different thematically,” states Black Fawn Distribution Sales Manager C.F. Benner. “What makes Tricia’s voice so unique is her ability to build quality characters by using small pieces of social commentary. It’s a very clever style that really allows these characters to come to life and drive the film forward. Obviously SILENT RETREAT is a creature feature, but this film has a lot of layers that are enjoyable to peel back and explore as you’re watching.”

"After learning of Black Fawn Distribution's grassroots marketing and their mission to sell directly to genre fans, I was very excited to begin working with them on SILENT RETREAT,” explains director Tricia Lee. “I think they’ll do a fantastic job getting the film out there.”
Described by Rue-Morgue.com as a film that “beautifully blends supernatural horror with the terrors of the real world,” SILENT RETREAT is already being noticed by critics. The National Post stated that SILENT RETREAT is a “chilling little number from Canadian director Tricia Lee” while Ain’t It Cool News heralded the film as “a tense little beast of a movie that has some powerfully terrifying moments interspersed with some even more impactful silences."

The SILENT RETREAT DVD will include a behind the scenes featurette, director and writer commentary, an exclusive artwork gallery and trailers for the film.

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