November 28, 2013

The Lord of Filth's Top 10 Vinyl, Cassettes and Demo's of 2013

Having already posted my Top 20 albums of the year, I thought I should also give a shout out to some of my favorite other releases of the year. So, singles, EP's, demo's etc, all of which I picked up on either vinyl or cassette, are getting some love in this list. 

10. Coffins - Colossal Hole EP (Horror Pain Gore Death Records)

9. Sinister Haze - Demo 2013 (Unholy Anarchy Records)

8. Goregast - Covered in Skin 7" (FDA Rekotz)

7. Voyag3r - Victory in the Battle Chamber 7" (Bellyache Records)

6. The Body - Master, We Perish (At a Loss Recordings)

5. Cattle Decapitation - Your Disposal 7" (Metal Blade Records)

4. The Infernal Sea/Disinterred Split 7" (Death Mould Recordings)

3. Below/Anguish Split 7" (Dark Descent Records)

2. Ashencult/Mephorash - Opus Serpens Split 10" (Unholy Anarchy Records)

1. Werewolf Front - Wolves of the White North Tape (Blood and Soil Productions)

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