November 28, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Lvcifyre: Svn Eater'

Lvcifyre: Svn Eater (2014)

Dark Descent Records

Review by Jude Felton

It seems like 2013 has flown by, and with it a barrage of excellent music releases, and so I find myself taking a look at the first album of 2014 to cross my desk, with Lvcifyre’s Svn Eater. If you haven’t heard of this UK based band, whose first album didn’t really get any sort of push, you certainly will do when this monster hits. Joining the already impressive roster of bands on Dark Descent, Lvcifyre have rallied a war cry to all with Svn Eater; an album that is absolutely devastating.

Opening with the nine minute Night Seas Sorcery, the hellspawn from London slowly lull us into the album. The first four or five minutes are a slow and tortured visit through Hell, as they lay down a heavy doom approach to the music, and I’m quite sure conjuring up something very evil in the process. Do not be fooled though as, once we pass the five minute mark, Lvcifyre proceed to unleash pure Hellfire upon us; the intro was a warning, with the rest of the album being an all-out assault.

Dark Descent seem to have a knack for finding the very best in the darkest of death metal from around the world, so it really should come as no surprise to hear that Svn Eater is so damned good. They are a label for whom I tend to pre-order most of their new releases; I have that much faith in them, and have yet to be disappointed.

With Svn Eater, Lvcifyre play an abomination of unholy death, from my home country with isn’t really known for this sub-genre. They sure as hell will be after this release though. There’s an unbridled fury, throughout the running time, that never feels forced, is definitely not a gimmick and honestly sounds like it was the creation of many nefarious deeds.

A good majority of the album is played at a break-neck speed, but within this avalanche of sound is weight to back it up. Where some bands lose some of their power, within the speed, Lvcifyre are heavy as hell, and make for seriously oppressive listening. Sure, you will find a smattering of doom, and a definite black metal influence throughout the running time of this slab of musical murder, but it is death metal at its very purest and most refined.

Each song adds to the greater picture of this 50 minute or so album, and the punishment never lets up. I can only imagine that these guys are absolutely terrifying in a live environment. Hell, get this band on a tour with Craven Idol and I will be front of the goddamned line to get tickets. Actually, that’s unfair, because I’d catch them live regardless of whom they played with. Craven Idol and Lvcifyre would be a perfect pairing though.

Back to Svn Eater though and, even though we’re still at the ass-end of 2013, we already have a contender for one of the albums of the year. There’s not a weak spot to be found; the structure is perfect, and it will leave you a bruised and bloodied mess. 


1. Night Seas Sorcery
2. Calicem Obscurum
3. Liber Lilith
4. Svn Eater
5. In Fornication Waters
6. Nekuomanteion
7. The Fiery Spheres of the Seven
8. Fyre Made Flesh
9. The Sinister Calling.

Svn Eater is released on January through Dark Descent Records.

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