October 30, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Idensity: Chronicles'

Idensity – Chronicles (2013)

Review by Jude Felton

Another day, another slice of French metallic mayhem, or so it would seem. Although, that being said, it is in no way meant as a negative, as once again I find myself listening to an album of excellent quality. This second album from Idensity could have, if not should have, been a right royal mess, and I’ll tell you why.

Death metal tends to fall into two main categories, among the many offshoots, with those being the more brutal variety and the technical side of death. Of course, as with any subgenre there are many, many variations on a theme, and Idensity have taken their brand of death into, what I think is a very interesting direction.

The rhythm section tends to pound along, but also infused into their music is a full-time violinist, some clean vocals here and there, and a good dose of orchestration. And, it all works wonderfully. Seriously, this is a cracking album, one that soars, evoking majestic imagery, as the lyrics all deal with the origins of the end of life (their words, not mine).

Chronicles itself has a running time of just under an hour, although none of the songs go past the 6 minute mark. It’s this restraint that helps the album retain a freshness throughout its duration. It’s quite apparent that a lot of time and thought has gone into each song, and this shows in the finished product.

I’ve heard a lot of new death metal this year, and I mean a lot, and some has been outstanding, whereas some has been forgettable at best. Idensity, with Chronicles, have released an album that sits comfortably within better ones I have heard. Initially it may strike you as a slight shock to the system, but give it time and the many textures will soon draw you in. For me, it worked on a first listen, yet I also got more out of it with each subsequent spin.


1. Chronicles
2. Over the Abyss
3. Sekhmet
4. Mofa
5. The Seven Seals
6. Anitkhristos
7. Typhon
8. Islam
9. Annunaki
10. Mantra
11. Loki

Chronicles is available on CD now, and can be purchased here.


Chris said...

Thanx a lot for this great review !
dear readers , here you'll find a free track to download , enjoy and share ;-)

Chris from Idensity

Lord of Filth said...

Very welcome! It's a very good album