September 2, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Ninkharsag: The Essential Salts of Human Dust'

Ninkharsag – The Essential Salts of Human Dust (2013)

Ulthar Records

Review by Jude Felton

There’s a darkness rising in Liverpool, England, and it comes in the shape of Ulthar Records. This is a brand new label, and it looks to be one that you should get excited about; especially if you like your metal evil and your format vinyl. Of course, this is a statement regarding their upcoming debut releases. One is the 12” vinyl release of Coltsblood’s Beyond the Lake of Madness, and the other is the one I review now, which will be released on 7” vinyl.

Ninkharsag wastes absolutely no time whatsoever blasting out of the gates, with the ferocious title track of this two song 7” which has a distinct old school feel, as the drums slowly build in their assault, whilst the guitar work goes straight for the jugular. This is all accompanied by demonic vocals of K.R.N.

It’s then straight onto Liber V vel Reguli, which lulls you in with a slightly more restrained opening few seconds, before it also heads, guns a blazing, straight into the abyss. The two tracks contained on this release total just less than 7 minutes, but its 7 minutes you should fully embrace, as both songs are quite terrific.

Tom Dring handled the recording, mixing and mastering of The Essential Salts of Human Dust, and has done a fantastic job, as the sound quality is just what the doctored ordered. It has that raw, energetic feel, yet also a clarity that allows the two tunes room to breathe.

If you’re looking for some Black Metal that embraces black magick, warfare and dark history, whilst delivering the goods in the music department, I suggest you look no further than Ninkharsag. Be quick though, as there are only going to be 300 copies of this single released. Well, 299 once you take mine out of the equation! Black Metal in the UK continues to go from strength to strength, and this single only whets the appetite for a full length album.


1. The Essential Salts of Human Dust
2. Liber V vel Reguli

The Essential Salts of Human Dust is released by Ulthar Records in September, and will be available here.

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