September 1, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Craven Idol: Towards Eschaton'

Craven Idol – Towards Eschaton (2013)

Dark Descent Records

Review by Jude Felton

There will always be albums that I look forward to from specific bands, but it is rare that I’ll be excited purely because of the label itself. Dark Descent is one of a few that prove the exception to this rule. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the last few releases, all of which have been truly excellent, so I had really been anticipating this album from the UK’s Craven Idol. In fact I was hoping to review it a few weeks ago, but something happened with the promo copy. Good things come to those that wait though, and never have those words wrought more truth than right now.

I could just tell you to buy Towards Eschaton, but why should you? I’ll tell you why, it’s because it fucking superb. The raw energy and unbridled spite here is a joy to behold, as Craven Idol rip through the 8 tracks here. Listening to Towards Eschaton you can feel the pressure building up as the razor sharp riffs set out on a mission to carve up your very soul. This is an evil and cleansing listening experience.

If I were to give you a point of reference to what Craven Idol sound like, it would be Craven Idol. They have delivered a distinctive sound of their own, yet there are influences here to be heard. Maiden, Kreator, Possessed, Bathory and Cradle of Filth all seem to have had a part in molding Idol’s aural assault, but never to the detriment of retaining their own sound.

Production-wise, Towards Eschaton sounds just fantastic; there’s an earthy primitive feel to the entire album, yet all elements of the music have been given plenty of room to breathe. It treads the fine line between over-produced and under-produced and, as I mentioned, sounds great.

Dark Descent has once again delivered an absolute barnstormer of a release. Craven Idol blend Thrash, death and black metal, and have unleashed a pure monster that gets better with each listen. Towards Eschaton is already one of my favorite albums of the year, and I am sure it will feature prominently when I deliver my end of year lists in a few months’ time. This is why you should buy the album. 


1. To Summon Mayrion
2. Sworn Upon the Styx
3. Golgotha Wounds
4. Craven Atonement
5. Codex of Seven Dooms
6. Aura of Undeath
7. Left to Die
8. Orgies

Towards Eschaton is released by Dark Descent Records on October 15th. 

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