June 1, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Temple of Void: Demo MMXIII'

Temple of Void – Demo MMXIII (2013)

Review by Jude Felton

Remember, back in the day, when bands used to put out demo’s before signing to labels? Yeah, me too. Now, I know bands still do this, from time to time, but it doesn’t seem as prevalent as it once was. Detroit’s Temple of Void has taken this route, however, and has unleashed a 3 track assault weapon for us to enjoy.

Playing a blend of death and doom metal, Demo MMXIII is a very assured introduction to the band. Mind you, it’s not like that are the new fish in the jail yard, as they have members that are, and were, in Acid Witch, Hellmouth and Borrowed Time. This has obviously served them well, with this demo having good solid production and, more importantly, very good songs.

Beyond the Ultimate and Exanimate Gaze, which are the first two tracks, are both mid-length tunes, clocking in at around 6 minutes each. Both tunes have crushing guitar work and some great growled vocals. I’ll admit to be a little thrown by a couple of sections, but both songs grew on me very quickly. While neither track crawl along; think more mid-paced doom/death, Exanimate Gaze does pick up speed a bit towards the end, having the effect of something akin to a runaway train. Brutal stuff for sure.

The final track is the 10 minute plus, Bargain in Death, and it’s here that Temple of Void truly set out to destroy you. It’s an oppressively heavy tune that starts off slow, with the guitars bearing down on you, and then builds up speed and power, smothering you on its way down to Hell. Don’t get me wrong when I say that Temple of Void’s tunes pick up speed in places. They are similar to a freight train in that even at full speed they are not exactly flying along, but you wouldn’t want to get in their way.

Quite frankly, I enjoyed the Hell out of this 3 track demo. The band has everything in the right place to move forward; tunes, a good sound and fine musicianship, and hopefully move forward they will. This demo is available to listen to in several places online, although I’m not a big fan of listening to tunes on the computer; I’d much rather blast it through headphones or on a better sound system. Still, even on a computer this does deliver. Demo MMXIII is also available on CD and cassette, for the more traditional out there. However you decide to listen to it, and you should, I think you’ll definitely enjoy it. Prepare to be crushed.

Track List:

1. Beyond the Ultimate
2. Exanimate Gaze
3. Bargain in Death

Demo MMXIII can be purchased on Cassette from Til You Fukkin Bleed, or you can check them out on the Temple of Void Bandcamp page.


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