May 26, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Attic: The Invocation'

Attic - The Invocation (2012)

Van Records

Review by Wayne Simmons

German quintet, Attic, formed in 2011, rock a slightly more po-faced Spinal Top vibe. It’s all tight denim and bad taches with lyrics that only Ronnie James Dio or maybe Joe Lynn-Turner would get away with; stuff about witches and devils and sorcery.

Debut LP THE INVOCATION is the kind of record that’ll have you looking at your watch, wondering if you got the time wrong and it’s really 1981. The production is low-fi, very analogue sounding and very much of a time and a place. It’s intentional, of course, the anachronism part of the appeal with this band.

It’s a belter of a record. Meister Cagliostro’s vocal is demonic; low and growling one moment, wailing like a Banshee the next. The guitar is early Maiden; hammer-ons aplenty but with a rhythm section that still retains something of a post-punk vibe.

This is addictive stuff. Highlights include FUNERAL IN THE WOODS and sing-a-long floor-stomper, SATAN’S BRIDE, but it’s all pretty easy on the ear. This is fist-in-the-air heavy fucking metal, after all. Chances are if you like one song, you’ll dig the rest.  Apart from two haunting church organ solos – opening track THE HIDDEN GRAVE and IN THE CHAPEL – the Attic boys have found their formula and are sticking to it. And why not when it’s this much fun.

THE INVOCATION is the kind of record that you’ll know you either like or don’t like before you even listen to it. It’s a great homage piece to bands like Maiden and Dio and King Diamond and if that’s your bag, then this will be too. 

1. The Hidden Grave
2. Funeral in the Woods
3. Join the Coven
4. Edlyn
5. Ghost of the Orphanage
6. In the Chapel
7. The Invocation
8. The Headless Horseman
9. Satan's Bride
10. Evil Inheritance

THE INVOCATION is available now on Digipack CD and Vinyl from Van Records

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