April 11, 2013

Prepare to enter 'The Facility' - Coming to DVD

Coming to DVD in the UK, on May 6th, is the taut thriller, The Facility. Released by Momentum Pictures, the film was directed by Ian Clark and was formerly known as Guinea Pig. The film is about seven volunteers who take place in a medical experiment, where the shit hits the fan. I caught the film a few months back, under its original title, and it's actually a pretty damned good movie. You can check out a ton of stills from The Facility after the break.

Seven volunteers – students Carmen, Arif and Adam, office temp Joni, journalist Katie, estate agent Jerome and unemployed Derek – arrive at the remote Limebrook Medical Clinic to take part in a clinical trial run by ProSyntrex Pharmaceuticals. In exchange for a fee of £2,000 these human “guinea pigs” have agreed to spend two weeks in isolation testing an experimental new drug known only as Pro9. After settling into the facility, each participant is given a first injection and, following a group dinner, sent to bed. But shortly after dark, the group is woken by the harrowing screams of one of their number. Soon, each volunteer begins to succumb to the terrifying and previously unknown effects of Pro9 during a never-ending night fraught with horror, madness, violence and death.

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