April 11, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Total Negation: Zur Späten Stunde/Zeiträume'

Total Negation – Zur Späten Stunde/Zeiträume (2013)

Temple of Torturous

Review by Jude Felton

Some albums are merely a collection of songs, one playing after another, with no real rhyme or reason to them. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, but there are also albums that take you on a journey, and sometimes that journey is a dark and desolate place. It is these sorts of albums where the track list isn’t as important as the entire piece is. Total Negation’s Zur Späten Stunde/Zeiträume is one of these albums.

Actually, to be fair, this is 2 EPs that have been collected together, in order to paint a broader, and far colder, picture. Zur Späten Stunde relays a picture of the ‘transcendental moments and delirious state of mind, right before drifting off to sleep’, with Zeiträume focusing on the ‘visions in our dreams and how they blur with reality’.

What we get in terms of music on this album is a hypnotic journey that borders on black metal, without the intense fury, and instead interweaving more oppressively bleak moments. It’s a cold album that infuses its black metal origins with Krautrock elements, which in turn has created music that challenges the listener, and at times takes that listener to a very dark place.

There is a distinct contrast between the two EPS contained here, with the latter probably delivering a slightly more grandiose take on the music. That being said, they complement each other very well. This might not be the sort of music that you listen to every day, due to its very nature, although it is very effective when listened through headphones. This allows the real depth of the music to shine through, and reveals the many layers to it.

Total Negation is an acquired taste, but it’s the sort of album you need to digest properly. Sticking it on in the background probably isn’t the best plan; you need to actually listen to it, and give it your full attention, for it to be fully appreciated. It’s dark and challenging, yet ultimately very rewarding listening.


1. Einkehr
2. Abstieg
3. Einzug
4. Freilauf
5. Geist
6. Zeit
7. Raum
8. Traum

Zur Späten Stunde/Zeiträume is released by Temple of Torturous and is available now.

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