February 16, 2013

Movie News: 'The Jeffrey Dahmer Files' out now from IFC Midnight

I can remember when serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was caught back in the 90s, and subsequently read a couple of books about him. Disturbing stuff, to say the least. Now, the documentary, The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, is available to watch from IFC Midnight. It's out theatrically and on several VOD and Digital outlets, including iTunes. Check out the trailer and some stills below.

What drives a seemingly mundane man to commit a series of acts so heinous that it captured the attention of a horrified nation? In the summer of 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee and sentenced to 957 years in prison for killing 17 people and dismembering their bodies. THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES explores this Midwestern city by meeting those surrounding Dahmer during and after his hidden spree. Recollections from Milwaukee Medical Examiner Jeffrey Jentzen, Police Detective Patrick Kennedy, and neighbor Pamela Bass are interwoven with archival footage and everyday scenes from Dahmer's life, working collectively to disassemble the facade of an ordinary man leading an ordinary existence.
Chris James Thompson
Chris Smith
Barry Poltermann
Jack Turner

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