February 14, 2013

Danger After Dark to impose a 'Death Penalty'. Twice

Danger After Dark will be back on March 12th, when they release the double-feature of Death Penalty.com and Death Penalty.com: A New Beginning on DVD and VOD. Both films are directed by Ryota Sakamaki and will have a combined running time of 148mins. Stills and trailer after the break.

(New York; February 13, 2013) Danger After Dark dishes up a double feature of 'DEATH PENALTY.COM' (2011, Japan, 77 min.) and 'DEATH PENALTY.COM: A NEW BEGINNING'  (2011, Japan, 71 min.). Angry at your boss or has your best friend betrayed you? No worries. Welcome to DeathPenalty.com where you can find a mysteriously masked ally to solve your problem. But there is a catch. For every murder requested, you must commit one and if you don t follow the plan, you are next!! Danger After Dark's first double feature presentation hits DVD and VOD March 12, 2013

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