December 11, 2012

The Lair of Filth's Top 20 Films of 2012

Well well, it's that time of the year (it is for me anyway) in which I decide to post a list of my top 20 favorite films of the year. I never post 'Best of' lists, as I don't agree with them, I just like to list the films that I enjoyed the most. All the films below received their either Blu-ray, DVD, Screener or Theatrical releases in 2012 in either the US or UK; for example, Shame got a theatrical in late 2011 but didn't see its Blu-ray release until April 2012, so it made the list. Whereas Accident was didn't get a Blu-ray release until October 2012, but was first released in 2009, so it didn't make the list. Like I say though, this is a list of films I enjoyed from 2012, and it is always a tough decision to decide what makes the list and what doesn't. It's always a tough list for me to write, and this year was no different as my first draft had over 30 films on it. It was a hard decision to cut some and keep others, but that's the way it goes.

20. Skull World (Review)

19. Silent Night (Review)

18. Sleep Tight (Review)

17. DeadHeads (Review)

16. Shame (Review)

15. The Raid (Review)

14. Inbred (Review)

13. Snowtown (Review)

12. Scalene (Review)

11. The Road (Review)

10. Wild Bill (Review)

9. Michael (Review)

8. In the House of Flies (Review)

7. Dear God No! (Review)

6. The Aggression Scale (Review)

5. Some Guy Who Kills People (Review)

4. Prometheus (Review)

3. Dead Weight (Review)

2. Excision (Review)

1. Kotoko (Review)


CiNEZiLLA said...

Nice one! Still a couple that I've yet to see on there, but love that you finally got to see Inbred and that it's on your list! :)


Maynard Morrissey said...

Badass list! Great to see Michael in the Top 10 :)

Lord of Filth said...

Cheers, J!! Inbred was great fun. Wonderfully sick and twisted.

Michael was just a stunning film. Understated and creepy, and very real.