November 20, 2012

'The Killing' Series 3 and Trilogy hitting DVD in December

Fans of the original Danish show Forbrydelsen, aka The Killing, will be happy to learn that Season 3 will be released on a 3-disc DVD set on December 17th in the the UK. Arrow Film's Nordic Noir label will be releasing the set, and they are also releasing The Killing Trilogy, which will contain all three seasons of the hit TV show, and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray.

More than just a TV programme, THE KILLING has become a full-blown cultural phenomenon in the 2 short years since its first episode graced our screens in late-January 2011.

Created by Søren Sveistrup for Danish production company DR, it wasn’t just the grippingly moreish storylines that enthralled the nation; it was the show’s Scandinavian style, its bleak Nordic scenery, and the connections so easily forged with its central characters, Lund in particular. 

Series I joins Sarah Lund (played by Sofie Gråbøl) on what is supposed to be her final day as a detective with the Copenhagen Police department. She is all-set to immigrate to Sweden with her fiancée, when a 19-year-old girl is found raped and brutally murdered.  
A local politician, Troels Hartmann, is in the middle of a hard-fought election campaign to become the new mayor of Copenhagen when suddenly, evidence links city hall to the murder. Over the course of twenty episodes, each a day in the investigation, suspect upon suspect is sought out as violence and political pressures cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer.

Two years on, and Series II finds Lund stripped of her investigative role and transferred to a low-key job in the country; but when the body of a female lawyer is found murdered in macabre and puzzling circumstances, Lund’s former boss calls her back to assist with the investigation. Initially reluctant, Lund soon changes her mind as she becomes engrossed with the case... Over the course of 10 gripping episodes, the worlds of crime, politics and the military become increasingly tangled and, as the case progresses, Lund’s mission becomes a race against time to find the culprit and prevent further killings...

Now, at long last, Detective Inspector Sarah Lund returns in Series III, the long-awaited third, and final part of the trilogy. The financial crisis is raging and the number of bankruptcies and repossessions is on the rise, but Lund has a newfound sense of peace, in the form of a new job, a new home and the recognition of achieving 25 years of service in the Police Force.
What appears to be a random murder at a scrap yard in the Copenhagen docks begins to interfere with Lund’s plans for a quieter life and draws attention towards the shipping and oil giant Zeeland, run by troubled billionaire Robert Zeuthen.

Meanwhile, Lund is disturbed by an old flame, Mathias Borch, from the National Intelligence Service (PET), who fears that the killing in the docks is the beginning of an assassination attempt upon the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister himself is in the middle of a turbulent election due to the pressures of the financial crisis and is looking for backing from the commercial sector, including Zeeland. Rumours arise that Zeeland is threatening to move the company and its production aboard – a potential disaster for the local economy.

Release DateMonday 17th December 2012
LanguageDanish (English Subtitles)
Running Time10 x 58 mins
DVD Catalogue NumberFCD687
DVD Barcode5027035008547

Release DateMonday 17th December 2012
LanguageDanish (English Subtitles)
Running Time40 x 58 mins
DVD Catalogue NumberFCD689
DVD Barcode5027035008561
Blu-Ray Catalogue NumberFCD690
Blu-Ray Barcode5027035008578

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