October 8, 2012

It's not all fun and games in 'No Clowning Around"

No Clowning Around is a short film, set for release in December 2012, from director's Rob Dimension and Matthew Burd, which came about as a result of a serious bout of depression. The film follows Mumbles the Clown, a party clown, who himself battles addiction and depression. You can check out the NSFW trailer and more, after the break.

“No Clowning Around” is a Horror short film based on one man’s fall from grace. Ed, who once was beloved by his hometown as Mumbles the Clown, is now a party clown who battles depression and addiction. His last shed of light in his life is Trixie, who has struggles of her own. Being pushed from all sides, who and what will stop the endless spiral of sadness?

No Clowning Around is Dimension's directorial debut, but you may know him for his Radio, Podcast and review work in the horror community. You can find out more about No Clowning Around on it's Official Site and Facebook page.

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